World Jewelry Center Museum Experience

Las Vegas WJCI didn’t even know there was going to be any sort of museum or as the World Jewelry Center is calling it, “museum experience,” in the new center, but it looks like there is going to be something like a museum since they are announcing the hiring of a museum curator, Christine Webb, to run it:

“I’m thrilled to be involved with the WJC,” she said. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of something very special – an international gem and jewelry marketplace that is the first of its kind in the U.S., with a world-class retail center, featuring a museum and beautiful exhibit space.”

Webb added, “It’s exciting to be working with a talented group of professionals to develop the vision of the World Jewelry Center museum experience with exciting, innovative exhibits that highlight gems and jewelry and educate the public while promoting the jewelry industry.”

WJC Managing Director Bill Boyajian said, “I am delighted to find someone who has such expertise in this field to direct the development of this important part of the World Jewelry Center. Chris’ extensive experience and education in gemology and jewelry, along with her excellent work with the smithsonian, make her uniquely qualified to lead this project.”

Boyajian said the concept of the WJC’s museum is to provide an independent attraction to help draw the public’s attention to the retail center, and to be an educational tool and a link to the local community, as well as an experience that provides entertainment and excitement for Las Vegas visitors.